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Grade 6

Biography of a Country Grade 6 

#1  Set up a Title Slide and 7 blank slides in MS PPT

Save PPT file in your Grade 6 folder:  Last Name Country

#2  Set up Working File in MS Word – Keep all impt. information/images/URLs etc. in this file

Save Word file in your Grade 6 folder:  Last Name Country working file 

#3  When project is completed, save to Dropbox.

Directions:  Choose any country in the Eastern Hemisphere (Europe/Africa/Asia) for your biography. Read directions carefully for each slide.

Slide 1 – Title Slide

o Set up PPT and Word files

o Review tabs in IE

o Review map of EH

o Choose EH country (Europe/Africa/Asia)

o Begin research

Slide 2 – Capital/Country

o Flag of country is in the center 

o Name of country is above flag in Word Art and centered over it

o Name of capital city is below flag in Word Art and centered under it

Slide 3 – Economy

o Text boxes and bullets are used to list the Imports and Exports in 20 pt. 

o Title of Imports and Exports are bolded, underlined and 24 pt. 

o Add pictures of imports and exports you have listed

Slide 4 – Map/Pictures

o Paste a map from in the center of the slide

o Research pictures on the internet – paste them on both sides of your map

o Five (5) pictures maximum

o Title of picture in textbox under each picture

Slide 5 – Interesting Facts

o Create the heading “Interesting Facts” in the Word Art of your choice

o Create a table with 2 columns and 6 rows (new skill) 

o Titles on the left column are:  Major Religion, Climate, Official Language, Major Cities, and Currency

o The titles on the left are 18 pt. and bold

o The information on the right is 18 pt. and not bold

Slide 6 – Banners – Auto Shapes

o Create three (3) banners using Auto Shapes (new skill)

o Each banner has one of the following titles in Word Art

o Location – The location is in a textbox in 32 pt.

o Borders – North, South, East, West are each in a separate textbox – the font size depends on how many borders you have – use 20 pt. if it fits

o From Philadelphia to ___ (your country) – the air mileage is in a textbox in 24 pt.

Slide 7 – Attractions

o Create a table with 2 columns and 4 rows

o Research attractions on the internet (ex. Eiffel Tower in Paris)

o A picture that matches the title on the left should be pasted on the right (picture of Eiffel Tower)

Slide 8 – Bibliography

o Create the heading “Bibliography “ in Word Art at the top of the table

o Create a table with 1 column and up to 5 rows