Grade 5

Everglades National Park

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National Park System of the United States

My National Park:   

Directions:  You will do research on the history, natural landforms, plants, wildlife, recreation, weather, and accommodations of your park.  Answer each question carefully and in complete sentences.  After the research is completed, you will create a PowerPoint presentation on your Park.  In addition, you will also prepare an oral presentation for your Social Studies class.  Through this webquest, you will begin to appreciate the places our leaders deemed worthy of preserving for future generations of Americans.

Class Periods:  You will have two class periods for research and two - three class periods to work on your presentation.  You will have to work quickly and efficiently.  If you are absent, it is your responsibility to come to the lab for extra work time.


***Not all questions will pertain to each park. ***

History of my park

1.  When did the area become a national park?

2.  Where did the park name come from?

Natural Features/Landforms of my park

3.  What are the names of the well-known geological (land) or scenic (beautiful) features in the park?

4.  What rivers or lakes are found in the park?

Plants/trees/flowers in my park

5.  What plants/trees/flowers are unique to the park and what are their characteristics?

6.  What wildlife is dependent on them and in what ways?

7.  What plants/trees/flowers are endangered in the park?

Wildlife in my park

8.  Where is the best place to spot wildlife?

9.  Do any of the animals migrate or hibernate for the winter?

10.  Which animals are rare, threatened, endangered, or maybe even extinct in your park?

Recreation and Accommodations in my park

11.  What activities can people do in the park?

12.  What accommodations are available at or near the park? (hotels, campgrounds, trailer sites)

13.  Is the park open year-round?  If not, when is it closed?

Weather in my park

14.  What is the typical weather during each of the four seasons?

Fun Facts about my park

15.  What other interesting information did you find out about your park that is not covered in one of the questions above?  (3 facts)

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Sep 27, 2018, 10:08 AM