Grade 2

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Favorite Wild Animal Research                                                                           

Second grade students will do research on a favorite wild animal. 

Wild Animal Videos

In this project you will:

•             Use the internet for research

•             Complete a PowerPoint slide with information on:

              Habitat- a place that an animal lives. It provides the animal with food, water and shelter. 

•Diet- Is your animal an herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? What is its main source of food?

•Appearance- Describe your animal. What color is it? Does it have fur, hair, gills? Is it very big or is it small?  

•Enemies-What predators does your animal have?

•             Proofread your slide for accuracy and format

•             Print your project only after Mrs. Sykes gives you permission.

Websites to help you:

National Geographic

Wild Animal Guides


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